The Alien Boss Who Thinks the Future of XR Will Be Collaborative

We sat down with the extraterrestrial co-founder of cutting edge XR agency PopulAR to discuss their new project, Planets.

PopulAR, a cutting-edge XR agency creating gorgeous work out of Belgium, just launched their Planets project, the first global hub for XR creators to collaborate, learn and sell their own products.

It’s not easy being the leading crew of innovators in a field as new and rapidly evolving as XR. How does the team at PopulAR find the motivation and the galactic perspective to reimagine the way we perceive our reality and work together?

They have an alien boss.

That’s right. PopulAR has an alien co-founder, a fun-loving yet brilliant multi-planetary leader named Alie Ross. Popul-AR’s human co-founder Laszlo Arnould gave Rumfoords the scoop.

[Our alien boss Alie Ross] is an idealist and he’s a little disappointed about how things are going on Earth, seeing how much people are choosing the individual path that leads to an unavoidable, systemic frustration,” Arnould said.

The future of XR, their new alien boss told the team at PopulAR, is all about a collaborative approach being be the basis for all creatives’ work.

“[Alie Ross] explained the Planets he rules and created for humans to adopt this collaborative approach,” Arnould explained. “The Alien decided we were worthy to be the first humans to preach the collaborative cult.”

We were lucky enough to sit down with the boss himself.

Rumfoords: Hi! I hope I'm not the first human you've met outside Popul-AR?

Alie Ross: Nah, not at all. I came on Earth just a few decades ago, I think people even spotted my ship when coming through the atmosphere.

Basically I’ve been around for a while and it was quite a ride.

R: Who are you? Why don't you introduce yourself a bit...What's your name?

AR: My intergalactic name is Alie Xist but I decided to change it a little since you guys were quite anti intergalactic people back in the 50's. On Earth you can call me Alie Ross. My rapper's name Xist Ross tho. You can call me Al if you prefer. I know some weird people feel a name is stronger when it sounds maleish.

I believe it says a lot about their self confidence (sorry not sorry lol).

I have no gender tho, just some random non-earther. I’ve been a little of both since I’m here. Been fun, different challenges, different pleasures.

R: So why have you come to Earth?

AR: Curiosity, the trip was long. But discovering new stuff’s always worth the effort.

R: How did you get involved with Laszlo and his team?

AR: I actually met Laz in one of the most unreal place I found so far. Europe’s Disneyland.

He introduced me to the PopulAR team a little after that. Had a fun night together. As the night became early morning, we got philosophical. If you get my meaning ;)

We had an intense discussion like it can be at this time. Collaborative approach vs individualism approach.

R: What did you think of humans when you got here?

AR: You guys are quite funny to hang with, I had my share of trans species experiences over the years.

Youmans are so intense, loving, hating, quite energetic but also quite energivore [editor’s note: at risk of putting words in the being’s mouth, he means “stressful”]. I’d say Earth’s vibe is electric. Lol.

And I like that, I’m quite enthusiastic about all this energy. Youmans are decadent sometimes but that also makes the fun.

But it’s a good question you’re asking over there. Makes a smooth transition to get back on the discussion over collaboration vs individualism that Laz and I had the first night we met.

You see, I feel like individualism is a human stuff. It doesn’t mean it can’t evolve, right?

He was telling it’s a fightable instinct. Results collaborative approach were getting actually made this fight easy.

I told him he was cocky, he became all red and angry. Sensitive bitch. So of course because of his whining attitude, I asked why don’t you show me.

You humans always know how to handle words and look fancy. Words are cheap, show facts dudes and dudettes.

Then he introduced me to PopulAR team and yeah, I saw glimpses of what he was talking about back in Monaco.

R: Do they play some special part in your plans?

AR: They reminded me of the Planets mentality a little. So as your Earth looks a little sick, I proposed PopulAR team to visit that place.

Let’s say for Inspiration.

R: How were the people in the XR community and PopulAR different?

AR: I don’t think these are different. From what I’ve seen so far know, there are a lot of XR creators with the collaborative mindset.

R: What do you hope for the future of humanity? How does the XR community and PopulAR play into that hope?

AR: Freedom. Freedom is the best.

I know pops tries to bring more and more people to the Planets galaxy so they free themselves from big ass people calling creators their property.

Let’s hope they don’t have to go secret about that or something. Or not. Could be a fun Cult, I like your humans’ cults, they are fun!

I guess XR community can show one way to freedom by not depending on anybody.

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